Friday, August 1, 2008

Hamster sighting

Do you see anything slightly off about this picture? No? Wait a minute let me get a better picture.

There that's better, do you see the problem yet? THE CAGE IS EMPTY!!!!! Has been empty
since July 17,2008 I have a glorified mouse running amok in my house. But wait Paula you say since I have started reading your blog it seems that you like critters, especially in the house, I mean come on you have 3 well lets just say over sized dogs in your house. I agree I do like critters-critters that I can see coming......I found the glorified rat this am or I should say the damn thing found me, in the bathroom no less at 600 am have you any idea what its like to be minding you own business in the semi dark half awake from narcotics and sleep and to look up and have to beady eyes peering at you? Needless to say the whole household is awake now and we still haven't caught the hamster....But I swear when its real quiet, I hear a snide little glorified mouse snicker.


Rhonda said...

a naughty varmint!!!

J-Online said...

Oh my gosh. I found your blog from Pam's and I can't believe our hamster got out of the SAME CAGE and has been missing for over a year. UGH and GROSS......too funny. I'm glad we aren't the only one!

paula said...

you got that one right rhonda

paula said...

j-online -well like the post says he has only been sighted not picked up and booked... an apb has been put out.... and the hubby has been given 2 days to bring him in.
thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you enjoyed yourself.