Monday, August 4, 2008

What a face

See the face? See why I couldn't put her out in the pasture> 6 weeks old
Still can't put her out in the pasture with the goats>16 weeks

I have a house cleaner today,( I know how exciting-right?) I have never had a house cleaner before. I am sitting outside while she cleans, I can't go anywhere because of the tubes still hanging out of me, like so twilight zone frankenwoman
type thing. I have the dogs out with me and Lil Bit that's our great Pyrenees puppy is really taking her job seriously-what they are bred to do is watch over livestock and there human family's, she sits by my side and any butterfly, bird or noise real or imagined is greeted with a booming bark and a scuttle under my chair, from where a whole bravado of barks and growls come from,my brave heroine. Actually as far as protecting goes when she is full grown she will weigh in at about 150lbs.Just her size and bark will deter most unsavory creatures both of human origin and of the animal species. All the size and looks of a polar bear with a golden retriever mentality. We originally got her to stay in the pasture with the goats and protect them from coyotes and such, but one look at that face and there was no way I could turn her loose in the pasture, so that's how we came to have 3 large dogs in the house. Which finally convinced the hubby that unless he wanted dog hair in his favorite foods, a dyson vacuum was needed. And folks let me tell you if you have pets that shed these things are worth every dollar, now I am anal on this I cannot stand dog hair anywhere but on the dog so I do vacuum at least twice a day. the house cleaner just came to me and told me she was done...hmm
get this she didn't even sweep the ceramic tile before she mopped it.... eww gods clumps of wet soggy dog hair. THIS IS WHY I DO THESE THINGS MYSELF.

ok talk my self down was fixin to come unglued.


blogauthor said...

Gah - mopping before sweeping?!?! That is not good. And I LOVE big dogs, I think Dog is normal sized at 85 pounds and Dogette is small at 63 pounds. I would love a 150 pound dog.

dykewife said...

sounds like you're going to need a new cleaner.

J-Online said...

I've heard it all! I hope you're getting some rain today.