Monday, August 18, 2008


My son came back home yesterday, if you remember a past post(this is not a democracy)
he and the girlfriend called it done and the daddy said begone from this house. It's nice having him home but he hasn't figured out the rules do apply to him. (sigh) he thinks he does no wrong.

The glorified rat (hamster) was caught and put back in his cage. Wooohoooo

We actually stayed under 90 degrees today and they say rain.

School supplies have been bought and stand ready to enter the halls of edumaction-standings
1 first grader 1 senior what a combination.

Day 2 with the picc line and the wound vac at home-fingers crossed that things start to heal or I will be back in the hospital Thursday to start all over again.


Rhonda said...

ok so not only are my fingers crossed but I'm a prayin!!!!!!
honest I am.
It can't hurt right?

blogauthor said...

Wound vac????? Geez, you're living a quadriplegia life now .... I'm a total genius at healing wounds, ask Rhonda for my email address if you want to trade advice.