Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Hospital Blogging/when moms away buy the break a body part machine

Well here I am back in the most unwonderful place on earth, Ive been here since Sunday, and it ain't looking good as to when I will be going home.Surgery is scheduled for this morning. I have developed a major staph infection over the mesh in my belly. I have a picc line,with major antibiotics and drains and all kinds of nastiness.sigh.. But anyways has anyone been over to Rhonda's blog (i know i should link but to be honest i just don't feel well enough to do it all)the wedding pics are here and they are gorgeous!! I missed only in Texas wed sorry guys. the only fun news I have is while I have been in here my 6 year old daughter got her first racing cart.Daddy ain't so dumb.. wait till mommas flat on her back in the hospital and then
buy the racing sure to break a body part machine.

That's about it, nothing exciting nothing fun.


Rhonda said...

I'm so glad your surgery went ok...

the racing thing is going to be fun! I can see her in pink even now! ;)

dykewife said...

oh dear!! i'm so sorry you're sick. i hope that it goes away and you heal up fast.