Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Texas State Aquarium

Alexis and daddy getting the boat ready
A barge crossing the ship channel in Port Aransas

Lighthouse just off the ship channel

Alexis at the beach

Not much happening here today-in wait mode for the rain and wind to make their way up towards us from Galveston we need rain the grass fires are popping up everywhere and after the one we had this spring across the street from our place I have become very jumpy when the red flag warnings come out.Doc took the stitches out this am still have the drains but progress folks progress. First thing hubby asked the Doc was..."how long before she can go out on the boat?" Most hubbys would be more interested in how long before we can do the humpty dance,ahhhh but not mine, remember in my profile I did state he's not quite right.

He's itching to go back to the coast fishing, we try to go about 3 times a year twice as a family and once just he and I. School starts in 2 1/2 weeks and with that so does soccer/pta/dance ect....so it doesnt look like we will be going anytime soon.

We did take some awesome pics when we went down in June, so I thought i'd share.


dykewife said...

you can't go on the boat because you still have the drains? why would that be? unless you want to be casting out lines as well. if that's the case then it's better that you remain onshore.

Sheliza said...

Great pics! I need to plan something for my family. My hubby keeps talking about going fishing.